Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hooray!! Abi started walking tonight - 5/1! She is 10 months & 5 days old... I forgot how exciting it is to see your little one take their 1st steps. Abi definitely is a go-getter. She was determined to stand up and walk on her own. The joys of watching your children learn & develop are amazing. I posted a couple of videos on youtube of her major milestone. Granted the videos are taken from my camera (not camcorder) so the quality is not so great. I also have a video of Elizabeth dancing to her 2nd favorite show "Go Diego, Go!"... "Dora the Explorer" being her 1st!




Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Girls had a great Easter weekend in Cartersville, GA with Jeff's family. Elizabeth enjoyed the egg hunt in Papa & Gigi's front yard with her cousins. Update on E's teeth: They look good for what they have been through.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frugal Minds!

I have decided to create a new blog to separate my family blog and a blog where I can post deals. Frugal Finds 4 Frugal Minds will post deals that I find for you to save a little. If you want to see the latest frugal finds visit my new blog. If you see a deal not posted please share with me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 5 Elizabeth

I am so glad to update that Elizabeth is still doing great! Her upper lip is finally starting to not look so swollen. So far, we don't see any discoloring of the teeth and they still seem to be pushed in.

We have been trying to make sure E doesn't fall on her face again during the healing process and it's made Jeff and I nervous wrecks. We went to Heritage Park today to let Elizabeth get out and play and of course she falls and ends up with grass in her mouth... Which she did not like, saying "Ewe, Ewe" trying to get it out. Her mouth was not injured :)

Throughout this ordeal, Abi has, of course, been wonderful. She is getting so big and is literally all over the place! Abi has 2 teeth on the bottom and is getting a 3rd tooth on the top. Today at the park, we had music playing and Abi started dancing to it.

Here are some updated pictures of Elizabeth:

3/5 Close up of E being silly. You can really see her crooked teeth.

3/5 Elizabeth getting ready for bed smiling.

3/5 Abi & E watching tv.

3/6 Elizabeth smile with her lips not as swollen.

3/7 Elizabeth playing at the park.

A few pics of Abi:
3/3 Abi smiling.

3/4 Abi

3/7 Abi at the park.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Update- Day 3 Elizabeth

It's been almost 3 days since Elizabeth had her bad fall in the tub. I wanted to update everyone and let you all know how Elizabeth is doing. I don't know how but she has been great through all of this. I was really expecting her to be in a lot of pain and possibly loose her appetite. She has definitely not lost her appetite and I feel like I am constantly cutting up food in bite size pieces for her all day long. We are trying not to let her bite down with her 3 hurt teeth. Elizabeth is still really swollen on her upper lip extending to her nose. Her bottom lip is already healing pretty good. Unfortunately, her teeth are still out of place...

I want to thank all of our friends and family who have expressed their concern for Elizabeth.

I have been taking pictures to show her progress through all of this. For those who would like to view her road to recovery please check back often as I will be leaving updates, as well photos of Elizabeth.

March 3rd - Night after
Trying to smile but still swollen.

Holding her lamb watching TV.

Closer up of face. You can really see how swollen her upper lip is.

March 4th-
The next morning. Still smiling.

My happy girl...

Close-up of teeth.

March 5th-
Her upper lip is till pretty swollen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

E's Accident

Right before:

This is not a pretty story...
We had quite an ordeal last night around 7:45pm with Elizabeth. Jeff was giving her a bath as usual and when they were done they drained the water and cleaned up the bath toys. Jeff had asked me to come get E out of the tub as usual. E was standing up for me to get her out and I was standing there to get her. She started messing around and in an instant she slipped and went face first into the side of the tub. Not that this makes it any better, but we have a garden tub that has a slight incline for you to rest your back against where she hit her face. I unfortunately witnessed her face planting and grabbed her immediately. Of course, she was in tears. My first thought was that she busted her nose! I was scanning her face and nose for blood... No blood on her face. I checked her mouth, which was filling up with blood. At first glance, with all the blood I couldn't exactly tell what her teeth looked like. They just didn't look right. I was pretty sure she didn't lose any of her teeth but her front tooth look jammed up in her gum. And her bottom lip was bleeding and swelling up. I held her and tried to catch any blood with a towel. Jeff went to call our dentist. While Jeff was getting the dentist on the phone I put on Elizabeth's PJ's and tried to calm her down in our bed. She held her lamb and "Minnie Daisey" juice cup, her 2 treasured items for comfort, and watched The Backyardigans. Jeff spoke with the dentist and was advised to get E to calm down for the bleeding to stop, as well as giving her Motrin for pain and an anti-inflammatory. The Dentist said do not take her to the ER because there was nothing they could do that couldn't wait for the morning. We also scheduled an appointment for 8:30am the next day. We attempted to give her Motrin, which she spit out...

She was still partially crying so E decided to go to her room and lay in bed. She was able to calm down and eventually fall asleep. I tried to lay with her too. For the first 10 min. or so we just sat there in silence. Then E wanted me to sing her Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star... for about 10 min. or so. She still didn't go to bed. Then she got real talkative, pointing out my eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, mouth, and hair. She was asking about Dad and Abi. After awhile I told her I would be back. I figured if I was going to be in there with her that I ought to get ready for bed. So, I sent Jeff in to be with her while I got ready. He said she was just as talkative and had him sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star :) Jeff came out of her room after I got ready and we talked for a second about everything. When I went in to lay with her she was sound asleep. I covered her up. She slept good until about 1am and started crying a little in her sleep and sat up. I had her lay back down and I rubbed her back and she went right back to sleep. She slept solid the rest of the night, unlike Jeff and I...

E got up around her usual time around 7:20am. Jeff and I were anxious to see how her lips and teeth looked and get her to the dentist. Her bottom lip had dried blood on it and with the swelling of her mouth and lips, she kind of looked like a "Who" character from Dr. Suess. We gave E yogurt for breakfast which she ate with no problem and did not seem to be in any pain. We had not given her any more Motrin other than what she spit out the night before. We couldn't believe she was in great spirits and seemed like nothing happened.

After yogurt, we took E to the dentist where, I had to hold her down for a quick x-ray. Surprisingly, quick and she barely had a chance to fight, and she got a cool sticker that got her excited. Our pediatric Dentist, Dr. Ann Bynum was awesome, as well as April at her office. They were very clear on everything with E's mouth. Jeff held E down so Dr. Bynum could examine her mouth. She checked to see if anything was broken, like her jaw and to see if the gum needed stitches, both were negative. Another concern, was if the roots were broken from the impact and if so, they would have to pull the tooth/teeth. Thankfully, the x-ray showed no breakage in the roots... However, Elizabeth did push-in/bent back 3 of her front teeth. You can tell her teeth are messed up. There is a high chance at least one of the 3 teeth will become discolored from the blood. Possibly, in time her teeth may shift forward with her tongue and speaking but not to where they started. We feel awful for what happened but also blessed because it could have been much much worse...

For those curious ones, below are a few pictures of Elizabeth and her mouth.

The morning after:

On the way to the Dentist:

Close-up of her mouth at the Dentist:

After the Dentist:

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I officially cannot keep up with the blogging world. FYI- Abi was born the next day after my last post 6/26/09 at 6:25am... I have been really busy with the girls (E & ABI). My sister's family stayed with us the whole month of September. We got new floors put in, thanks to my bro-in-law. Last weekend we went to Viva Las Vegas! Of course, we didn't win big, but had a blast. Abi rolled over back to tummy Thursday and rolled tummy to back today. She is our little mover.